I get it. You don’t even want to spend a lot of time doing online marketing. Just leave that to me. I will ask you all about your business and customers, dive into keyword analyses and your Google Analytics account, and combine those insights to write wildly attractive blog posts ánd put them on your website.

The result? A website that attracts potential customers on automatic pilot. Because once great texts are posted on your website, Google will take care of the rest. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

How I work:

Step 1:
0 measurement & planning

I use Google Analytics to see how many visitors your website is currently receiving via Google. Then, I dive into keyword analyses and ask you all about your business to determine which topics I am going to write blog posts about.

Step 2:
Writing & posting

I will write the articles for you. After writing, I place the articles on your website and make sure that they are optimized for search engines. No hassle for you!

Step 3:
Analyze & adjust

After 6 months, we meet again to have a look at the results. In the meantime, I check the results now and then and make adjustments where necessary – you won’t be bothered by that. Are you not satisfied after 6 months? Then you will receive your money back.

Annerieke Kortier

About me

Hi, my name is Annerieke. I studied marketing at the University of Groningen and after a few years of working in various marketing and sales positions, I found out what I love most: telling great stories and diving into spreadsheets. For that reason, I help organizations by writing effective blog posts.

I love spending time diving into keyword analyses and Google Analytics, listening to entrepreneurial stories and business models, and combining those insights into clear and legible texts – while at the same time learning lots of new things.

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