Blog post package

Have Google bring you potential customers on autopilot with great blog posts.

I help organizations that do not want to spend too much time on (online) marketing. How? By writing blog posts about topics related to your business that your ideal customer is searching for as well. Those articles are picked up by Google and appear in your ideal customer’s search results when he or she enters relevant terms.

The result: potential customers who keep coming to your website on autopilot. Because once great blog posts are published on your website, Google does the rest.

The blog post package consists of:

Step 1: Research & determine topics
To determine the best blog post topics to write about, I dive into keyword analyses (what is your ideal customer looking for?) and combine these results with your input and a touch of common sense.

Step 2: Writing & posting blog posts
After the topics are determined, I will write the blog posts. To instill trust with your ideal customer, every blog post is packed with valuable information. For this, I do need input from you. But no worries: you can send it to me via email (in keywords), as a voice message, I can call you, whichever you prefer – as long as it is concrete and clear. After writing, I place the blog posts on your website, including relevant image(s) and search engine optimization.

Step 3: monitoring & adjusting for 6 months
After publishing the blog post, I occasionally dive into your Google Analytics account to check how the blog posts are doing and whether I need to refine anything. You won’t be bothered by that. After 6 months we make an appointment to discuss the results. Are you not satisfied? Then, you will receive your money back.

Price: € 4900 ex. VAT

This includes:

  • Determining blog post topics based on customer data
  • Writing 8 in-depth blog posts of at least 900 words each
  • Publishing the blog posts on your website
  • Adding 1 relevant image per blog post
  • Optimizing for search engines (SEO)
  • 6 months monitoring & adjusting where necessary
  • Money-back guarantee (!)

Money-back guarantee…

Because I am (a) so sure that this works and (b) I am not satisfied until you are too, we plan 6 months after I have the last blog post online have set up an appointment to discuss the results. Are you not satisfied? Then I will refund the full purchase amount.

… on one condition:

To be able to offer this package in this way, I have one important condition: you deliver a product or service that makes me enthusiastic too. That makes it a lot easier to write good texts and achieve the best results.

(Hint: I have a soft spot for everything to do with sustainability, smart technology, nature, good food, good wine, and (Bernese) mountain dogs.)

Curious to see if we’re a good match?

Shoot me an email in which you briefly explain what your company does and what you are looking for. I will contact you as soon as possible. Do you have any other questions? You can always email me at